Middle School Ministries

We’re delighted that God is leading you to explore more about our Ministries here at Community Reformed Church! 

Wednesday PM | 6:30-8:00 PM

Collide - our Wednesday night program and namesake--is our main ministry program running from 6:30-8:00pm with doors opening at 6:15, which boasts practical and biblical lesson series, games, retreats, summer mission based trips, as well as special experiential worship and service events. On Wednesday nights we encompass all five purposes of the church with a different emphasis every week: discipleship, evangelism, fellowship, service, and worship.

This is a great place for students to get plugged in with their peers and begin to develop a spiritual maturity. Check out our "Middle School Events" to see what is on the docket for junior high ministries in the near future!
Junior High Ministries

This ministry exists to create an environment where 6th - 8th grade students can come in contact with Jesus Christ, find positive friendships, and encourage friends to attend and connect.

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You can always find the latest up-to-date Collide information on Community Church's online calendar, but if you are in need of more, click on one of the social media links below:
Sunday AM | 10:05 AM

TenOH5! meets on Sunday mornings @ 10:05am and is the junior high's version of Sunday School. TenOH5! is not the Sunday morning programming your parents knew growing up with flannel graphs and book led curriculum. We dive deeper into biblical principles and theology by supplementing Community's Sermon Series, finding spirituality in secular media, as well as finding our personal story in God's ultimate love letter. 

Remix | 7:00-10:00 PM

Once a quarter on Friday nights Collide hosts Remix; a middle school outreach event which includes edited top 40 music, dancing, pizza, beverage, iPod giveways, open gym, air brush tattoos, skateboard prizes, video games, and so much more for only $5!

The purpose of Remix is two-fold; provide a safe place for middle school students to socialize on Friday nights as well as tearing down any walls that students have built between them and God because of false pretenses about church... any church.

Remix typically runs from 7-10pm with some time adjustments for specific events--i.e. New Years Eve Vortex runs from 930pm-1230am. If you are interested in helping out and experiencing Remix click the "Contact Us" icon and drop us a note!  

Quest is Community's equivalent to a confession or profession of faith... with a mild twist. When students participate in this 3 week class--held @ 9am Sunday mornings twice a year--they are not obligated to join Community, it is their choice at the end of the class whether or not they make their confession of faith. Instead of assuming students understand what they are ready to confess, we offer Quest to grow into a further understanding not only of their faith, but the Reformed Church, Community Church, and the process of understanding and sharing their personal testimony.

Fusion is a student leadership ministry offered by the junior high again this year. This leadership program offers 9th and 10th graders--who were a part of junior high/Collide in the past--the opportunity to partner with current junior high leaders to help them further develop skills of leadership, service, and ministry in God's kingdom. All Fusion Leader's must be plugged into a high school ministry with their peers and are held to the same standards as and Community Adult Volunteer..

Collide Information hub @ www.collidemsm.org!
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