Updates for April 18:

To access Community Church's telephone prayer line, please call (616) 772-5988


  • Bob & Karen Veldman mourn the loss of Bob's father, Robert Veldman.
  • Thea Schrotenboer, mother of Thad & Kristi Schrotenboer and sister in law to Alaine Mast passed away on April 17th.


  • Everly Joy, daughter of Evan & Emily VanHeukelom was born on April 6th.

  • Jerry Bakker continues to battle digestive issues but is overall showing signs of improvement at Spectrum Rehab on Fuller in Grand Rapids.


  • Al Brummel continues is undergoing therapy at Mary Free Bed.
  • Loie DeVries is recovering at home after a brief hospitalization receiving antibiotics due to fever and low blood count.
  • Vern Johnson underwent outpatient surgery Tuesday at Holland Hospital and is doing well.
  • Aaron South is recovering from outpatient rotator cuff surgery. His recovery will include approximately 6 months off from work.


  • Allison DeRoo was discharged Sunday with a good report and a diagnosis of Vasovagal Syncope with will be treated locally.
  • Giovanna Kelsey's cousin, Sandy, was in a terrible car accident. She is out of ICU and although still in a coma, she is breathing on her own!
  • Roger Shumaker continues treatment for cancer.
  • Marian VandenBrand requests prayers for her daughter, Sheryl VanDyke, who is being treated at Cleveland Clinic.
  •  Ben Werley, son of Mark & Lisa, was diagnosed with stage IV lymphoma and will undergo treatment.

Ongoing Prayer Items

  • Larry Geuder is now under hospice care.
  • Jody Lamar: Bladder cancer.
  • Gary Lemmen:  Liver cancer
  • Graham Muilenburg:  Brittle bone disease
  • Jilayne Allen remains at American House following a stroke.

If you find yourself moved with compassion when you hear the heartache of others, you probably have gifts that would make you a great care pastor. These people make periodic phone calls on church members seeking ways that the church can care for and pray for them. 

Prayer Requests