To access Community Church's telephone prayer line, please call (616) 772-5988​


  • Marie Semple, sister of Joyce Semple, passed away on December 3rd.




  • Susie Antkoviak is recovering from an outpatient surgery.
  • Alec Driesenga, son of Dean & Tracy and grandson of Jim and Doris Fortney, continues to recover at home.
  • Barb Graveling is recovering from kidney surgery.
  • Michelle Hop is receiving therapy at home.
  • Mike Kimber is recovering from surgery to alleviate pain from  herniated discs and an infection in his spine.
  • Jim Meekhof is gaining strength following open heart surgery.
  • Jane Ramaker is gaining strength at home.
  • ​​​​​​​Beverly Bretz is recovering at home from extensive oral surgery to treat cancer.
  • Rich and Marla VanDam are struggling with health issues.
  • Jordon Van Dort is recovering from a spinal fusion following an injury during football practice.


  • Vern Johnson is receiving treatments for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.
  • Roger Shumaker continues treatment for cancer.

Ongoing Prayer Items

  • Larry Geuder:  Continued testing for undiagnosed illness
  • Jody Lamar: Bladder cancer.
  • Gary Lemmen:  Liver cancer
  • Graham Muilenburg:  Brittle bone disease
  • Jilayne Allen:  Oakcrest Manor -- continuing care following a stroke

If you find yourself moved with compassion when you hear the heartache of others, you probably have gifts that would make you a great care pastor. These people make periodic phone calls on church members seeking ways that the church can care for and pray for them.